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The Netherlands – Salary criteria Dutch residence/work permits for highly skilled migrants

Expatriate employees coming to work in the Netherlands under the highly skilled migrants procedure or as holder of a European Blue Card should meet certain salary criteria.
For 2018, the 
salary criteria is set as follows:


  • Expatriate migrants of 30 years and older, Euro 4,404 gross per month excluding holiday allowance.
  • Expatriate migrants younger than 30 years, Euro 3,229 gross per month excluding holiday allowance.
  • Expatriates who graduated in the Netherlands at higher education or university level or graduated at one of the designated universities from the top 200 ranking and who have started working as highly skilled migrant within 3 years after graduation, Euro 2,314 gross per month excluding holiday allowance.
  • European Blue Card holder, Euro 5,160 gross per month excluding holiday allowance.

It should be noted that there are no salary requirements for expatriates under the ICT (Intra-Corporate Transfer) directive. In practice, however, the salary criteria mentioned above are used for these applications. The ICT directive make it easier for multinational companies to transfer skilled expatriate employees from non-EU countries to the Netherlands. For example, a single expatiate employee transferred to the Netherlands under the ICT scheme is not required to submit certain documents e.g. a birth certificate.