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The Netherlands – New permit procedures for employees hired from abroad

Starting 1 June 2021, the Netherlands has introduced a new procedure to make it easier for start-up companies to hire employees from abroad. This procedure is a pilot project which will last 4 years.

The procedure has been implemented as start-ups are often unable to pay the salary required for the current the current highly skilled migrant scheme. The purpose of the new procedure is to allow start-up companies to attract the employees from abroad that are essential for the growth of these start-ups.
In this regard, t
he following requirements apply:

  • The foreign individual will be hired to work in the Netherlands based on an employment agreement.
  • The employing company a company is a start-up and is regarded as an innovative company.
  • The salary of employee in 2021 amounts to at least € 2,497 per month.
  • The employee must have an equity participation in the start-up company.
  • The start-up may hire up to a maximum of five foreign individuals under this scheme.
  • The total number of employees of or contractors at the start-up company may not exceed 15.

Once the application has been filed with the Dutch immigration authorities (IND), the IND will request the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVA) to advice the IND if the application may be approved. As such the total procedure to review and issue the required permit under this pilot procedure shall take a maximum period of 90 days.