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EU | November 2023| Trends and performances of administration of tax systems

According to a report of the OECD the 58 economies participating, collected net revenues of € 13.4 trillion and employed around 1.7 million staff. The tax administration of these countries dealt with the tax affairs of more than 900 million personal income and corporate taxpayers who together contacted tax administrations more than 450 million times via telephone, in-person, e-mail, or paper and generated more than 2.3 billion contacts through online channels.
Tax administrations are rapidly adopting e-administration, enabling the online filing of tax returns as well as online payments and the full or partial prefilling of tax returns. The increased use of technology in revenue collection processes is now commonplace, with more than 85% of individuals and 95% of businesses filing their returns electronically.
We expect that this trend shall continue. This shall result in even less tax burdens for individuals (including expatriate employees) due to an increasing number of full prefilled individual income tax returns, including online access for review and submission of these tax returns.