United Tax Network – The smarter choice

United Tax Network – The Smarter Choice

We Listen, We Commit, We Act.

The Beginning

Partly due to the collapse of Arthur Andersen and the merger of Pricewaterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand, many former experts of these firms began to start their own boutique firms. They sought to provide quality and more responsive service to clients, who were becoming dissatisfied with the increased cost and delays in providing timely solutions by these large firms.

During a meeting in The Netherlands with professionals from many countries, who shared a working relationship for more than a decade, a common vision was forged for the direction of the global mobility industry. Thus, began United Tax Network and the expansion of the network.

The Smarter Choice

Participants of United Tax Network St. (hereafter “UTN”) are experienced in any tax and legal aspect concerning global mobility. Whenever your company assigns employees from one country to the other, for example for business travel, short-term, long-term, or permanently, we can assist with the tax and legal compliances regulations in both the host and home country. Each participant of UTN meets the standards as set by the Board. These standards relate to the quality of the services as well as experience in managing tax and legal issues for companies and their expatriate employees.  UTN is an association of legally independent participants, responsible for its own liabilities. We are the smarter choice for global mobility services as our network does not provide chartered accountants services. Therefore, we are not limited in our services by Sox, FROR or similar regulations and requirements anywhere in the world.

We Listen, We Commit, We Act!

We Listen
A very important part of achieving a healthy, fruitful and enduring client relationship is to actively listen to client’s needs and concerns. In doing so, we strive to fully understand each and every aspect of the entire client engagement.
We take all client requests seriously and handle them with care and sensitivity. We have the utmost respect for our clients and exemplify this high standard with our personal touch service level.

We Commit
Getting to know and work with clients on a long-term basis creates the opportunity to maximize the level of service we provide. We align our services with the business needs of our clients to create a close relationship that benefits both parties. By achieving a greater level of understanding for the client’s business environment and the real-time challenges they may face, we can act swiftly to provide the best possible solutions and ensure that no client is underserved.

We Act
We take swift action in a coordinated manner to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients.
We keep a close eye on the development of legislation and regulations around the world in order to constantly optimize the solutions we present to our clients. Clients do not need to educate us regarding new developments due to our proactive approach to identifying new legislative issues with practical solutions for issues affecting client’s business.




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