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onMarch 26, 2022

Italy has been a country aimed at attracting talents in various sectors and special tax regimes are available to individuals, representing a strong motivation for moving to our Country: impatriate workers: allows 70% tax reduction (or 90% for those moving to the South of Italy) for the benefit of employees…

onMarch 26, 2022

Whether they are considered investments or means of payment, cryptocurrencies are increasingly attracting the attention of stakeholders. In brief, cryptocurrencies are under the spotlight. These assets do not yet have a tax framework in Italy, although the Italian Tax Authority already provided some clarifications regarding direct and indirect taxation in…

onMarch 26, 2022

The social security position in Italy for inbound employees is becoming more important for multinational companies. In fact, the presence of a Totalization Agreement with Italy may risult in keeping the contribution of the employee in the country of origin, with an obligation for the foreign company to pay social…

onMarch 26, 2022

Italian employees hired by foreign companies with a local contract must carefully evaluate the social security obligations which vary according to the country where the employee is hired. In such circumstances, a distinction must be made between: EU countries, countries adopting EU legislation via specific agreements with the European Union…

onJune 11, 2019

The Italian Government approved the Growth Decree, which entered into force starting from May 1, 2019. 1. Expatriates. Provisions in favor of expatriate personnel have to be highlighted as those who transfer their residence in Italy starting from FY 2020 may benefit from a 70% tax exemption on their income…

onFebruary 3, 2018

As of the tax year 2018 it is possible to apply for the new tax regime for “high net worth individuals” based on which a fixed tax amount of Euro 100,000 is due for income derived outside Italy.   The new flat tax:   absorbs the progressive taxes deriving from employment income derived outside of Italy;…

onMay 19, 2017

July 31, 2017 is the deadline for regularizing the financial and estate assets held abroad by individuals who, in the years between 2009 and 2015 (and in some cases since 2004), qualified as resident taxpayers in Italy. The assets object of the voluntary disclosure procedure are also those instruments such…